DanceArt: Improve your skills II | Videoprojektionen und Tanz

Der Workshop mit Projektionist Philipp Contag-Lada beleuchtet Videoprojektionen im Tanz – und auf der Bühne im Allgemeinen. Welche technischen, ästhetischen und dramaturgischen Grundlagen gilt es zu beachten? Wie können Projektionen den Raum und die Choreografie bereichern? Welche Fehler sollte man vermeiden und welche Kosten sollte man kalkulieren?

Neben den inhaltlichen Fragen zu Videobildern auf der Bühne behandelt der Workshop auch ganz praktische technische und administrative Fragen, von der Auswahl des richtigen Projektors und der besten Projektionsflächen bis hin zum Urheberrecht.

Im Anschluss an den Workshop besteht die Möglichkeit zu persönlichen Fragen und gegenseitigem Austausch.

Video projections are basically light – shaped light that can transport a message.

Projections on stage are becoming more and more popular, due to the technology becoming more affordable and the machines becoming smaller every day.

Using video projections on stage follows a set of simple rules.

In this workshop we will go through those rules.

May it be the right projector on the best projection surface, abstract images or realistic live footage, plain illustration or complex projected spaces.

The right dramaturgical questions being asked is as important to the process of projecting as is a profound knowledge of imaging techniques, from camera handling to digital visual effects, from rigging heavy machinery to projection mapping your content onto surfaces in a complex space.

All those techniques and aspects will be part of this workshop overview.

We will also tackle the back line of projecting content; copyright issues, sources for images or the calculation of a set design that includes video projections.

If you ran into problems in one of your projects or have specific questions, there will be a 30 minute segment at the end of the workshop to ask those questions. After the workshop there is an opportunity to network and chat over a drink in the nearby restaurant.

Philipp Contag-Lada works as a projectionist and media artist in various theatres, galleries and industrial customers all over Europe and runs a tutorial based channel on


30.11.2019 | 16 bis 20 Uhr 


Pavillion, Hannover


Philipp Contag-Lada


5 Euro p.P.

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